Feed Our World

Go beyond a one-time gift, and help feed our world every month. Provide millions of life-saving, nutritious meals to families in need starting at $45 per month.

Hunger and malnutrition have lethal effects.

0 %
of children under the age of 5 lose their lives to hunger every year
people in the world are underweight

No Food Pack Is The Same

We tailor each pack to suit the local needs of communities. A food pack in Syria can include items such as rice, white sugar, sunflower oil, spaghetti, salt, lentils, bulgar wheat, tomato paste, canned meat and black tea.

30 Meals for $45

60 Meals for $90​

120 meals for $180​

360 meals for $540​

600 meals for $900​

3,000 meals for $4,500​

Provide nutritious meals in 30+ countries.

We operate in: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Kashmir, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, United States, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Food distribution in Ramadan

West Bank, Palestine

We helped provide approx. 395,800 iftar meals to a total of 6,053 beneficiaries comprised of men, women, children, elderly folk, and 160 orphans.

Program Reports