Here are the people that make our mission possible.


Our work would be impossible without this team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to improve the lives of those in need both here at home and globally. The PAUSA Staff are committed to fighting the injustice of poverty. 

President & CEO

Oussama Mezoui

Oussama is a passionate people-oriented nonprofit leader who enjoys diagnosing, resolving and transforming nonprofits so they can best serve their mission.


Shafaq Zia
Programs Manager

Shafaq serves as the Programs Manager at Penny Appeal USA and is the driving force behind our diverse programs.

Sa’idah Sudan
Domestic Violence Projects Lead

Sa’idah Sudan has worked in a Level I Trauma Center for over 20 years, 10 years as their Certified Domestic Violence...

Sivia Campos
Programs Coordinator

Sivia Campos recently joined Penny Appeal USA at the beginning of 2021. She received her Bachelor's degree in International Affairs from the University...


Amir Hussain
IT Architect & Systems Manager

Amir Hussain is an IT tech nerd with over 7 years of non-profit experience. With 4+ Salesforce certifications, 7500+ hours in Project Management...

Iman Said
Operations Coordinator

Iman Said is the glue of all inter-departmental work, making sure our team functions as a well-oiled machine. Once upon a time, she...

Dawn Willson
Accounting Manager


Mariya Nadeem
Head of Marketing and Communications

Mariya has worked in the nonprofit sector for over thirteen years, with extensive experience in leadership, marketing and communications.​

Ruann Elbassyouni
#TeamOrange Coordinator

Ruann is in charge of all things #teamorange. She manages all communication with volunteers, is responsible for ensuring social service events are held, and empowers...

Rehma Khan
Donor Relations

Rehma manages all communication with our donors. She is responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction as well as familiarizing our donors with the...

Hoda Lajili
Head of Events & Partnerships

Hoda Lajili is a passionate humanitarian who is dedicated to the mission of ending poverty. She serves as the Head of Events & Partnerships.

Chancey June Gannett
Multimedia Content Creator

Chancey June contributes her passion for photography, filmmaking, and storytelling as a member of PAUSA’s marketing team.

Board of Directors

Our Board Directors commit their time, talent, and treasure to ensuring we have the right resources,  strategy and governance structure to serve our mission. Their foresight, oversight and insight enables us to serve our beneficiaries in the best manner possible. 

Shaun Ahmad
Board Chair

Shaun has been with Penny Appeal USA since the beginning and was formerly the Board Treasurer. Shaun is a businessman, investor...

Ahmed Abdel-Saheb
Board Treasurer

Ahmed Abdel-Saheb works in finance and volunteers with various faith-based organizations across...

Prianka Fatima Alam
Board Member

Prianka Fatima Alam has a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and is a Deloitte Global Talent & Organizational Transformation...

Naiel Iqbal
Board Member

Naiel Iqbal is an investment professional at Tiger Global Management. He also serves on the Board of Muppies, a global...

Adeem Younis
Board Member

Adeem is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, community leader, and philanthropist. He is the founder of industry-leading...