Emergency Response

When it comes to disasters, whether natural or man-made, there’s no time to waste. You can provide immediate aid to communitites in need.

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Million people are pushed into poverty due to natural disasters.

Severe climate shocks threaten to roll back decades of progress against poverty. Storms, floods, and droughts have dire human and economic consequences, with poor people often paying the heaviest price.” — Jim Kim, Former World Bank President

Our Programs

Pakistan Flood Relief

Monsoon rains and flash flooding in Pakistan have taken the lives of almost 500 people over the past 7 weeks. 

Palestine Emergency

Airstrikes on Gaza have killed more than 30 people now, including 6 children across Gaza. Over 250 have been injured.

Somalia Drought Relief

With another failed rainy season, Somalia faces a historic drought and looming famine. 

Afghanistan Earthquake

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake has killed over 1000 people and has left over 1500 injured. As Afghans search for survivors, each day is critical for survival. Help us provide life-saving aid now.

Bangladesh Flood Emergency

4.3 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, including 1.6 million children. There is an immediate need for food, water purification tablets, emergency hygiene kits, and shelter.

Philippines Typhoon Emergency

Over 400 people have died and close to 638,000 people have been displaced. There is an immediate need for food and water.


There are already more climate refugees in the world than refugees created by conflict.

Join the race for climate relief to build back a better and more sustainable world for tomorrow

Afghanistan Emergency

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan worsens after extreme civil unrest in the past few weeks. There is an urgent need for food and basic necessities at the moment.

Haiti Earthquake Emergency

Over 1,200 people have died and close to 6,000 people have been injured. The death toll is expected to rise with immediate need for food, water, shelter, and basic necessities.

India COVID-19 Emergency

Over 400,000 new daily infections has broken India’s healthcare system, and oxygen supplies remain critically low. With your help, we can provide oxygen machines that are desperately needed to save lives. Give today!

Rohingya Fires Emergency

Deadly fires have devastated Rohingya refugees, destroyed shelter tents, 45,000 Rohingya refugees have been displaced, at least 15 have died and over 400 remain unaccounted for. There is an immediate need for food and family shelters.

Yemen Emergency

The Yemen war and conflict has led to shortages of basic items such as food and fuel, leading to a humanitarian disaster.

Coronavirus Emergency

Here and across the world, we are responding to COVID-19 by providing families in need with access to food, hygiene products, protective equipment and financial assistance.

Gaza Emergency

The blockade on Gaza has led to shortages of basic items such as food and fuel, leading to a humanitarian disaster.

Rohingya: The World's Forgotten People

Nearly 1 Million Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh following violence in Myanmar. Penny Appeal USA has been working with refugees in the make-shift camps to provide food, clean water, medical kits and examinations, and shelter.